Sleep like your life depends on it

By admin | 22 September 2015

We often neglected the amount of sleep we are getting. People often brag about how little sleep they need.  I know because I was one of them. It seemed cool to spend an all-nighter to finish some project or get home from a wild party in the early morning.

I highlight here some of the negative effects of getting too little sleep, or having an irregular sleep pattern.

One thing to find out is the number of hours of sleep you need. Everybody’s need for sleep is different and the hours of sleep one requires is very personal.

In the advanced course we learn a simple yet effective trick to find out how many hours of sleep you need, without visiting one of the sleep labs.

Now if you think that you don’t need the typical 8 hours of sleep, please think again. Studies show that only 10% of people need 7 hours of sleep or less. If you know that the average western adult sleeps between 6.5 and 7.2 hours, we can see that most likely you underestimate the actual number of hours you need, like I did and like most of us do.

Another statistic that shows we are undervaluing the hours of sleep we need is the fact that in the last 20 years, the average night of sleep was reduced from 7.x to 6.x. We can safely assume that the average human body did not magically require less sleep in the past 20 years. These type of evolutions happen over 1000’s of years and countless generations.


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