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By admin | July 21st, 2015

One of the best proactive measures you can take is to do regular health check-ups. The Eanis longevity action plan is all about prevention. It’s much easier to cure disease before they become a big problem. In case you haven’t done a health check-up recently schedule a visit to your doctor.

The scheme below shows the ideal frequency depending on your age.


A baseline comprehensive health evaluation should be done between 40 and 45 years of age for both men and women and repeated every 3 to 5 years until age 60. After 60, every 2 to 3 years is optimal. [[6]]

How can you prepare for your check-ups?

An important part of the check-up is your medical history. Note down as much information as you can about your parents and siblings.

Another part of the preparation is your current life pattern:

•    Smoker or not

•    Hours of sleep per night

•    Average weight

•    Height

•    BMI

•    Other ratio’s

•    Regular medicine

•    Blood pressure

•    Use of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol,..

•    Heart rate measurement,

•    Body fat,

•    Waist-to-hip ratio,

One word of advice

It may be not easy to get a comprehensive examination at your local doctor. Why is that?

Simple. The medical profession wants to cure you from a disease. It will not tell you how to prevent it. Doctors are not educated to avoid you getting sick. That takes away the reason why they are there. It also earns them less money by the way. One simple example is trying to get an in depth regular health check-up. Unless you have a clear reason to want these extensive tests, the medical specialists will not understand why someone would want to do that.

Now, most people take their car to the garage for a regular maintenance. Even without the car having a problem they just take it there for a preventive checkup. What is done for a car seems to be less common for our own body. However, you cannot replace your body (yet) the way you can exchange your car for a newer model.

Be prepared to face some opposition. You are doing something out of the ordinary. Most people need to get sick first before they consult a doctor. If you are lucky, your insurance will cover the costs. The fact that for a fraction of the cost, a specific disease could have been detected much earlier and treated better is not something insurance companies take into account.

So you will need to do some investigation where you can get such a comprehensive tests done. One golden tip is to phone your insurance agent and ask what are the medical centers your insurance company works with before they give some big shot execs expensive life insurance. As there is money involved, you can be sure these centers will do everything they can to find a problem health condition.

Here is your ‘Health check-up’ action plan. Pick a selection of actions of following list

It’s not necessary to put any dates on each of the lines of this action plan. Just see to it you complete it in two weeks.

Stop smoking – the first action to take if you are serious about longevity

By admin | July 15th, 2015

It sounds simple: “just stop smoking”. Although it is not at all that simple to execute. In this post I focus on the best advice available today to stop smoking. If you don’t smoke yourself, but you are living with a smoker, stay with us. I have some advice for you as well.

This post summarizes the research how to stop smoking.

But first: why is it up here? Why is it the first action to take?

The reason is simple. There is absolutely no other action that you can take that will have such a dramatic effect on your health. I considered excluding students from the longevity action plan course in case they smoke. Many people thought that was not a good idea and I would be taken away a helpful opportunity from people ready to quit smoking.


I am not going to detail what bad effects smoking has, the list is simply too long.

The risk of heart attack for smokers is 200 to 400 percent greater than that of nonsmokers. Not only is smoking by far the primary cause of lung cancer, tobacco use is also linked to cancers of the mouth, throat, larynx, kidney, bladder, cervix, and pancreas.

Nicotine is an addictive drug

If you stop, you experience withdrawal effects. Don’t simple assume that will not be the case for you. It will be.



There are many ways to get help

People wanting to stop smoking, can get help and should get help. There are prescription drugs and there are many over the counter drugs. Also there are many devices that can help you get some nicotine to lessen the withdrawal effects.


Design an action plan

Print the ‘STOP SMOKING’ action plan below. Like with all action plans on this site, you can remove what you don’t like and add what you would like to add.

Passive smoking

One special mention about passive smoking. People often underestimate the effects of living in the same house as a smoker, or spending a lot of time in places where there is a lot of smoke.

Stop kidding yourself about it being not that bad. Smoke can stay in the air for up to 2.5 hours, even with a window open. It may still be there even if you can’t see it or smell it.

What can you do if you live with a person who smokes?


You spend most of your time in your home. So make your home smoke-free.

Limiting your smoking to one or two rooms is not an effective measure – tobacco smoke can easily drift through the rest of the house.

Make sure that visitors to your house smoke their cigarettes outdoors.

Make your car smoke-free. The other occupants will still be exposed to tobacco smoke even if the windows are open.


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