Control your weight

By admin | August 23rd, 2015

Ah if only it were as simple as that. Millions are spent on dieting, weight loss programs, exercising focusing on weight loss, typically with very little result in the long run.

Explaining a full weight control program in the scope of this article is not possible. In our premium course I bring together today’s best and most pragmatic advice on permanent weight loss. The key principle for weight loss programs that really works is this:

So each of us has a set point. That is where your body aims for. It doesn’t matter if you are dieting or not, your body will return to its set point after some time. Because your body likes stability.

Now the key idea we will teach in the premium course is that this set point can be changed. For instance you can reprogram yourself to weigh 10% less, if that is your target ideal weight.

For now, what can you do to ‘re-program’ your set point to a more ideal level?

Prepare for Changes

The first thing to do is to believe that you can reprogram yourself to a new set point. I can testify that. Before I started on this venture I weighed 93 kilograms. This was still within the limit of the 25 max bmi scale, but I was not so happy about it. For years I tried to lower my weight like all of us do, but had no success. Again like most of us…. Then I remembered my high school weight was 78 kilogram, a reduction of 16%! When I started this program, and I executed the action plans that we are discussing in this video I slowly moved towards this ideal weight. I am about 2 kilograms above the set point I targeted, now averaging around 80, but that is still a dramatic effect.

Optimize nutrition

The second topic is your nutrition. You probably are already aware of this: crash diets don’t work. Only sustainable changes that you apply for the rest of your life will make you thinner. For me, following things worked wonderfully up to this day:

I stopped drinking soft drinks and other so-called diet drinks all together. I recently noticed I was off soft drinks for more than a year and I haven’t missed it since.

Sweets and foods high in sugar are removed from my diet. For me, cutting it out completely works best. Whenever I am tempted to sin, I try to stop and think. Then I remember why I am doing all this and that is a motivating factor to reconsider.

Limiting the portions I ate was also key for me. Before I regularly had another serving when all my family members had stopped eating already. Forcing myself to one serving is a dead simple rule, but it worked for me.

Meat, especially red meat, brings bad luck and strains your body and your digestive system. It is much better to take more vegetables or if you must, replace meat by vegetarian alternatives.

In any case having lots of fruit can do no harm. On the contrary, there is not a single food category that has so much variety, tastes so wonderfully and is as healthy as fruit.

Make movement part of your Routine

This is a totally different topic to which we dedicate a full range of posts.

Look out for emotional eating

We don’t always eat to satisfy hunger. We eat to relieve stress, because of habits, because we see other people eat, as a reward… Typically this kind of eating does not really help you, but in fact makes you feel worse afterwards.

How to identify emotional eating:

  • You can’t get enough. Compared to physical hunger, emotional eating doesn’t stop when you’re full.
  • You feel guilty.
  • You feel powerless.


The way to avoid over-eating you need to learn to

  • Identify what triggers you.
  • Find alternatives to relieve these triggers.
  • Think before you eat, pause for a moment.