How to get a 10 times better chance of living a happy & healthy life?

Think about your 2 closest friends that are about your age. Two of you three will get a stroke, heart attack or cancer before the age of 59. Learn how you can be the lucky one not to suffer this faith. We bring together the best of the research available today of what works and what doesn’t. Did you know that the chances of getting a disease like a stroke, heart attack and even cancer can be dramatically reduced simply by following research results available today?
You have worked your whole live. You have accumulated all this knowledge and experience. Maybe you accumulated some savings and you plan to enjoy a happy time with the children and maybe even with grandchildren. Isn’t it a pity you risk spending much less time than you hoped or spending it with considerable health problems?
Here at, you get the best advice and information on how to organize yourself to maximize your chances of living a happy and healthy life.
Did you know

  •     stopping smoking is associated with an 80% improvement in lifespan,
  •     the second most significant change in life expectancy is increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables,
  •     healthy lifestyle choices can extend lifespan by 14 years,
  •     people without healthy behaviors are 4 times more likely to die, most notably from cardiovascular disease.

Here at Eanis we created a simple and easy to follow online 10 week course. In this course we teach you step by step what you need to know to reach these goals. Topics we cover in the course:

  • What are the 3 areas you should focus on?
  • What is your best plan to reach this goal?
  • What do you need most to execute your plan?
  • How to develop life changing habits?
  • How to create your personalized plan?
  • How to make sure you reach your goals?

Act now to get access to your comprehensive action plan that guides you through the steps to take to drastically improve your chances.
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